Shetland Wool


Shetland Sheep Health & Husbandry

by Dr. Heather Ludlam DVM

Heather with her ram lambs

About myself: I graduated from Michigan State University in 1988 with a BS in Veterinary Science. My undergraduate education included extensive animal science training, including intensive classes in all livestock species and livestock judging. I graduated from Michigan State University's College of Veterinary Medicine in 1991 with the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree. I developed my interest in small ruminants at Michigan State, and was introduced to the Shetland Sheep as the flock veterinarian for Linda (Zuppann) Grommes. I currently own the Monterey Veterinary Center, a mixed practice serving both large and small animals. Over the years I have become a local small ruminant specialist.

The following are a series of articles written over the past several years for The NASSA News and other publications. I have tried to address many general husbandry concerns of shepherds, as well as many specific diseases of sheep. These articles are provided as an educational tool only - information on the Internet is no substitute for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan from your regular flock veterinarian!

A Veterinarian's Perspective:

* The Importance of a Flock Veterinarian
* Mastitis and the Shetland Ewe

* Pasteurella Pneumonia in Sheep
Soremouth Facts
* Caseous Lymphadenitis in the Shetland Sheep Flock