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The North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association (NASSA) was established in coordination with the Shetland Sheep Breeders' Group of Great Britain (SSBG) and the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. The purpose of the association is to assist breeders of Shetland Sheep in North America in maintaining the purity and quality of the breed and to provide accurate registration and pedigree records for informed breeding decisions.

Other related goals of NASSA are to promote Shetlands in North America, preserve and protect this rare breed (particularly the rare colors and markings) and facilitate communication and information exchange between breeders.

As NASSA is coordinated with the SSBG, its breed standards and registration rules are based upon those of SSBG.

Members with registered flocks receive pedigrees and certificates for all sheep registered as well as a copy of the annual NASSA Flock Book. New members also receive a copy of the SSBG's Handbook on Shetlands and the extremely informative NASSA Handbook on Shetlands. A quarterly newsletter, The NASSA News, provides educational articles as well as current news and views about Shetlands both in North America and in Britain.

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