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Shipping Breeding Stock

We have several options available for shipping breeding stock. The ideal is for the buyer to arrange a farm visit and transport the purchased animals to their new home. The Shetland Sheeps' small size makes them very versatile for shipping. Adult rams and ewes fit very nicely into large dog crates, which can be carried in cars or trucks. They usually ride well in enclosed pickup trucks or trailers. A note from Dr. Heather Ludlam: Please do not haul any animal in the open bed of a pickup truck! I have seen far too many injuries and deaths from this practice than I care to remember - it is not worth the risk! An enclosure or crate is well worth a little added time or expense!

We do have a horse hauler who will ship sheep throughout the Midwest and East Coast of the U.S., and to destinations as far south as Florida, and as far west as Oklahoma. He takes excellent care of the animals, and will haul the sheep for a very reasonable fee based on their desination. We do have to time the moving of the sheep with his scheduled horse hauling trips, but this system has worked very well.

Another option for shipping breeding stock is to fly the animals. They are shipped in airline approved dog crates and charged freight fees. This is a convenient, but very expensive option.

The final option is that Mike loves a road tip, and may be persuaded to deliver animals to an interesting destination! We would charge a reasonable fee for gas and hauling expenses, based on destination.