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Windswept Farms Wool room
Here at Windswept Farms we produce a variety of quality products.

Our Shetland fleeces offer a wide range of size, color, type and price. In our wool room we have a nice representation of the 11 whole main colors of the Shetland sheep and the three distinct Shetland fleece types. We pride ourselves with having something for everyone.

We have a nice selection of Shetland roving available in a wide variety of natural colors. Colors range from a creamy white to an absolute black, with a variety of greys and browns in between. Striped and swirled rovings in natural colors are also available.

Currently we have a lovely selection of handspun yarn available in a multitude of skein sizes and natural colors. We are sure to have something for that next knitting, weaving or crocheting project.

Of course you could not produce excellent fleeces, roving and yarn without producing a quality animal. We pride ourselves on the high quality of sheep that are produced on our farm. At Windswept Farms we are extremely selective with our breeding of registered animals. Sheep that are not of breeding quality are sold unregistered as pets, wethers, and freezer lamb.

We hope you enjoy looking through our products and we hope you find something you like.

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