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This page is a memoriam and is dedicated to those good old friends who helped make Windswept Farms what it is today.

Bluff Country Apocolypse "Paco"
April 24, 2004 - September 15, 2009
(Bluff Country Skittles X Bluff Country Zest)



Kelly Northstar
April 10, 1995 - December 5, 2005
(Dayspring Jacobson X Dailey Licorice)

Kelly North Star

Northstar was our primary flock sire. He was a Black Blettet, Bleset twin ram. He was black with striking white "splash marks" on his face and some streaks of white in his wool. He had excellent conformation, long soft fleece, and classic spiraling Shetland horns that were very impressive. Northstar consistently gave us quality lambs with interesting facial markings and spotting characteristics.

Northstar produced a long line of champion rams and ewes, and had a tremendous positive influence on our flock. Northstar's name can be found in most Windswept pedigrees, and we are hoping his influence lives on in future generations. Northstar was bred to just three ewes his last fall before he was humanely euthanized.

Bitterroot Joshua
April 11, 2002 - October 31, 2006
(Bitterroot Joseph X Bitterroot Pansy)

Bitteroot Joshua

Joshua was a large, long, moorit ram with excellent conformation. Joshua had an extremely uniform moorit fleece with a nice crimp. He retained his deep moorit color with no signs of iset (white fibers) or age-graying. Joshua had beautiful wideswept spiral horns and an excellent disposition. He was consistently producing offspring with his uniform fleece and awsome conformation right up until the end.

Joshua was Second Place Yearling Ram at the 2003 ISSBA Show

Windswept Albus Dumbledore
March 23, 2003 - July 23, 2007
(Hillsondale Butch Cassidy X Windswept Kako)

Windswept Albus Dumbledore

Windswept Albus Dumbledore was a very powerful large-boned, level, long ram. He was gray with with a long, primitive, extremely dense fleece. Dumbledore had large spiraling horns and a nice short fluke- shaped tail. He had a calm and gentle disposition and was easy to handle. Our Dumbledore produced many offspring with his friendly personality and award-winning conformation.

2003 First Place Ram Lamb Indiana State Fair
2003 First Place Ram Lamb Michigan Fiber Festival
2003 Reserve Champion Ram Michigan Fiber Festival
2004 Second Place Yearling Ram Indiana State Fair
2004 Second Place Best Four Head Indiana State Fair
2004 Second Place Flock Indiana State Fair
2004 First Place Yearling Ram Michigan Fiber Festival
2004 Champion Ram Michigan Fiber Festival
2004 Best Flock Michigan Fiber Festival

Sheltrgpines Mad Eye Moody
March 19, 2003 - July 23, 2007
(Sheltrgpines Darius X E.I.E.I.O Wildthing)

Mad Eye was a large-boned, long, powerful ram with long, primitive, dense fleece. He was a white and black yuglet flecket. He had medium-sized horns that spiraled well-away from his face. Mad Eye carried the moorit color and also the modifier that produced mioget/fawn and emsket/charcoal colored lambs. Mad Eye had an excellent fluke-shaped tail that was consistently passed on to his offspring and future generations - along with plenty of spots and patterns!

ShelterPines Mad Eye Moody

2003 Fourth Place Ram Lamb ISSBA Show
2003 Best Young Flock ISSBA Show
2003 Second Place Flock ISSBA Show


December 1989 - December 2006
Our Sheeps' Guardian

Petie The Guardian


Kaiser the 1st Sheperd