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The Shining Shetlands
The Shining Shetlands

The Shining Shetlands are a group of children who make and sell fiber crafts, mostly out of Shetland wool, and then give proceeds to Heifer Project International. This group includes: Samantha Ludlam, Alexandra Ludlam, Joseph Ludlam, Emma Hopkins, and Anna Hopkins.  You can usually find them at fiber and sheep events like Michigan Fiber Festival and the Indiana State Fair.

In 2005 The Shining Shetlands were born. They had been showing sheep together all their lives but, that wasn’t enough. First was the Kool-aid dyed wool. They had just set some out to sell and see what would happen. It sold rather quickly so they needed something to do with the money; none of them felt it right to take the money since they had all made the products together, so charity was the only answer. Animals were key though, and Heifer Project International was it.

Heifer Project International is a charity that gives animals, such as heifers, llamas, sheep, goats, etc., to families and villages and teaches them how to raise the animal and how they can get food or create income from it. Over the years The Shining Shetlands have donated a sheep ($110) and a knitting basket (llama, Angora goats and rabbits, sheep; $500). Their new goal is going to be a mix of animals depending on how much money is raised in the next year or too.

If you would like to donate or learn more about The Shining Shetlands please contact us at 269-793-7311 or if you would like to donate directly or learn more about Heifer Project International please visit Thank you!

Shining Shetlands Sheep KidsShining Shetlands NAILE 2006