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Windswept Farms is located in beautiful Southwest Michigan, in Monterey Center - the heart of Allegan County. Our township is one of the last agricultural strongholds in the area, and boasts rolling hills, open farmland, and many wonderful old family farms.

Windswept Farms was established in June of 1993, after a two-year search for the perfect farm. Our farm sits atop a high hill with constant breeze and consists of 50 acres, a nice big old farmhouse, and several outbuildings. The farm is approximately 100 years old, and has had only three previous owners. The farm had evolved over time from a family dairy operation to a family hog operation.

When we moved in, it had been 10 years since the farm had been operational, and the rebuilding and renovating of the grounds and the old barns began immediately and still continues to this day. We have made many improvements to the farm over the years and it is a never-ending project - a labor of love!

The first livestock arrived at the farm exactly one month after we moved in, long before the farm was actually ready for livestock! Heather is a veterinarian in Allegan Country and worked with Linda (Zuppann) Grommes and her flock of Shetland Sheep. Linda gave Heather a sick ram lamb that we treated and named Mike Junior. After he had been at our farm just one night, Heather decided he was lonely and the rest was history. By fall we had accumulated a small flock of five Shetland Sheep - three ewes and two rams, and we've been hooked on Shetland Sheep ever since!

It didn't take long to accumulate more livestock. We now have a flock of approximately 80-90 Shetland Sheep, three horses, many chickens and two llamas. There are several cats and dogs on the farm including our Border Collie, Edge, an indispensible member of the family! Heather began spinning our wool in 1998 and we have developed an even greater appreciation for the wonderful diversity of Shetland wool!